Personal New Year

Every birthday, the inevitable judgment shadows my quiet morning routine, usually spent drinking coffee on the couch with my dog snuggled at my feet. Why do my thighs now display a depressing topography that could never belong to the land of Laura? From where did those rifts and drifts develop? Is that fatty phenomenon related […]

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Sheep, Steep, and Sleep

Sleep fails me this evening. My eyes and thoughts wander around and up and down like I’ve trapped myself into a virtual amusement ride. All of my senses stray from rest. My nose smells skunk, my ears hear street lights, my fingers feel the itchy air prick at what should be smooth slumbering heaven, and […]

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You are going to go far

Today I met with a sweet older lady who greeted me as if we already knew each other from another life. When I say that, I don’t mean to say that she embraced me with hugs and sloppy Auntie kisses. Rather, she immediately smiled with her warm eyes in a way that only people who trust […]

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Fly Fishing Females Unite!

Simply stated, men and women find females in the the fly-fishing world fascinating. Even though I showed up a half hour into the Happy Hour for women interested in fly-fishing last night, the place was packed with co-ed members of the Southern Wisconsin Trout Unlimited chapter. The energy in the room zapped my skin and […]

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