What would I do without you?

“Honey, Sweetheart. The dogs want to go for a walk. It’s noon. They can’t wait any longer. Are you OK to hike the trails now?” My husband gingerly ran his fingers through my dirty hair. When he slowed down I knew he was enjoying the sparkle of my silvery streaks against my dark brown. I […]

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Spruced Up Suitcases

You heard this before, on that night we finished five bottles of wine between the four of us over piles of pasta. Or you tuned in after you returned to the campfire on Rock Island once you discovered the proper marshmallow roasting sticks. Or you caught me frozen and staring at Samsonite suitcases at the […]

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Sitting chicken

My brother accuses me of remembering wrong, so please forgive me for mixing up my memories. No matter how hard I try, my mind stitches up many images from my past into a crazy colorful quilt apparently only I find fairly comforting. Frankly, it’s no wonder my memory quilt itches, tickles, and yet never feels […]

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Personal New Year

Every birthday, the inevitable judgment shadows my quiet morning routine, usually spent drinking coffee on the couch with my dog snuggled at my feet. Why do my thighs now display a depressing topography that could never belong to the land of Laura? From where did those rifts and drifts develop? Is that fatty phenomenon related […]

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