Morning Gratitude

Morning- the crucial yet delicate beginning we all wake to each day. And how do we treat it? How do we treat ourselves and our loved ones in this fresh introduction to the rest of the waking hours?

Today I asked myself to breathe more outside. Take in the crisp, very crisp actually, morning air while the sun slowly stretched its arms up over the Madison bungalows. That’s when I noticed the magnolia tree.


For a magnolia tree, the beginning of the rest of the year looks like little imps poking their fuzzy heads out of their winter pods. And while standing still enough to try to get these spring babies into focus, I heard the birds. Mind you, I’m in the city, pretty much smack dab in the center of Madison. But I grew up on 40 acres in Door County. This is where I learned to watch for and identify birds, catch snakes, frogs, toads, and fireflies, and appropriately so label myself a tomboy. What I have lost as I grew out of the nest and into the city were those close relationships with my living natural surroundings.

For today, I am grateful for the morning quiet, when I can hear and seek out the cardinal couples, and the traveling chorus of gold finches. When frost sparkles with the new sunlight just before it melts, and before the bustle of the day makes me deaf and blind to these things.


2 thoughts on “Morning Gratitude

    1. Thanks, Gary!
      What a lovely surprise! I just started this last night to wake up one of my passions that has been hibernating for quite some time. I’m so rusty at it now!!! 😛

      See you in the morning!

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