Packing for the road

If you travel a lot for work, the first thing you notice every month is how much money you spend on food in slimy diners, stuffy family restaurants or worse, the hyper fast food restaurants where most everything on the menu doesn’t even fit in the food pyramid.  The next thing you might notice is how little you were saving than you had hoped.  And then there is the scale, the popped button, and the busted zipper that tells you a whole different story. No, it’s not the dryer. It’s your work life on the road. My personal gauge that freaks me out is the short sleeve.  No sleeve should be tight – no excuses.  So what is a person to do?

Pack your lunch.

Fair warning: I will most likely blog about this a lot.

This is what I have learned.

1) packing a lunch doesn’t have to take much time, and it certainly cuts the cost into smithereens.

2) a healthy packed lunch makes you feel healthy, smart, and proud, which ultimately gives you a much better attitude at work. I like to remind myself I’m fueling my brain.

3) not only will your favorite work clothes fit better, but you will want to spend a little of what you’ve saved every paycheck on a new becoming suit.

This is what you do:

Buy a good thermos and a good cooler. I personally found a perfect vintage set of Thermos brand thermoses in a really cool zippered tote bag. Igloo makes a cooler called a “cube” that is perfect for a days worth of good food for the day on the road.

Get some 12 oz jars. These are what you keep your smoothies and salads in for the week in the refrigerator. Yes, you make your smoothies and salads for the week on Sunday night and store them in the refrigerator for a morning grab-n-go.

Find yourself a french press travel mug. They finally came back into the fad, but I still like my 1990’s stainless steel one that survived my life so far. If you are a tea drinker, they make awesome tea travel mugs now! My friends at Macha Teahouse in Madison, WI have fabulous ones for purchase.

Buy a stainless steel water bottle. It takes all the bumps and lumps of falling all over the place in your car. You can fill this up at any rest station, McDonalds, gas station… virtually anywhere. Water is necessary to rinse away all of the stress of your day, and rinse away any stored up fat. Imagine it all rinsing away.

More on recipes later. For now, for all of you lucky working folk who get to take charge of their day and make it the best it can be… get the tools to increase the liberty of being a road warrior and relish your improved work/life balance.



3 thoughts on “Packing for the road

  1. Great tips! I work in an office with access to a basic kitchen and fridge, but my husband works on the road. He spends way too much on lunch and drinks and I’ve been trying really hard to send him to work with good food to curb spending.

    I find if I buy my lunch, I spend too much and tend to overeat too.

    Sunday night lunch making is a great idea. Though I’ve never had salad that’s been made more than a few days in advance. Are there certain vegetables that work best for this?

    The easiest way for me to bring lunch is to have leftovers. There’s no extra effort in making a couple of extra portions or eating a slightly smaller portion at dinner time. It also means you get to sleep in.

    1. I personally love honey mustard vinaigrette on the bottom, apples, walnuts, and spinach (shown). Stays fresh nicely. I’ll blog a few recipes that store well. Leftovers are awesome if you like them cold or can heat them up. Thanks for the comments and questions!

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