What makes a good middle?

The Middle of most things is the most important aspect of the whole. It’s the center. The core. The belly. The Wednesday.

I know about middles. I’m a middle child, wearing middle sizes and constantly fighting my own middle. Wednesdays are usually the days I consider the meat of the week. I try to book the most appointments on Wednesdays and earn the fattiest portion of my pay on this crucial core of the calendar week.

Today I learned exactly all the wrong things to do for a Wednesday, especially an eleven hour “Hump Day”. Let’s ensure all of your Wednesdays from here on in are as essential, meaty, and prosperous as they should be in your on the road sales experience.

Fill up your gas tank on the way home from work Tuesday. This should be autopilot, but alas, sometimes the glass of wine calls too sweetly from the side of my leather loveseat.

Tuesday night, plan your Wednesday outfit. Make sure it is spiffy and comfortable at the same time, because you are going to working your butt off (or your belly off) in these clothes. You are also going to be painfully blind with sleepiness when you zombie scuffle to your wardrobe in the morning.

Charge your cell phone and all other devices necessary for the day. My goodness, starting the day on low battery runs down your own batteries. No one should be swearing at their technology at 9 am in the morning, two and a half hours into the day, in public. I was lucky today. The sweetest, most good looking outdoorsy guy sitting next to me smiled and said, “Don’t work too hard. This is a better day to be outside, don’t you think?”

Make sure all of your equipment is working properly. My keyboard blew up sometime between yesterday and my crucial wifi telemarketing time today. I wasn’t at my best. The comic clouds dotting away from my brain were full of more punctuation marks than vowels, let’s put it that way.

Plan at least 30 minutes of outdoor time during your Wednesday to recharge yourself. A good dose of sun on the cheeks, some fresh cool wind in the air, and blood flowing properly through the body makes for a better attitude the rest of the day. Refrain from couping yourself up in the car like a mobile inmate. You are not a caged animal, you are a practicing master of ultimate work/life balance.

The best part of a long thorough Wednesday is the reward of a good long walk or run to sweat off the day and a scrumptious dinner at the end of the day. Heck, why not include some ab work for symbolic reasons? Then you truly deserve a long hot aromatic shower and feet propped up on pillows. Toast to conquering the core of the week. Smile. Success will simply radiate from here the rest of the week.

Sweet dreams.


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