Don’t freak out, it’s all going to be OK

Sometimes panic sets in… such as, “Oh [bleep]! Taxes are due in days!”
Sometimes a tragedy occurs, such as the head on collision I saw yesterday.
But a little bird the other day reminded me to just stay calm, trust the person who comes to your aid, and relax. Everything will be OK.

this little Creeper let Dave help him out
this little Creeper let Dave help him out

As Dave followed my Dad out the back door to go for a hike, Dave noticed a little bird clutching my Dad’s heel. It had been trapped inside momentarily and grabbed my Dad’s shoe to hitch a ride back outside. Dave stopped my Dad from taking the next step and quickly yet carefully picked up the bird. He’s a natural after we had an outdoor cat several years back. The little bird just sat neatly on Dave’s gloved finger and let him take him to a tree. What I love is that the bird knew to just sit there on Dave’s finger and take a few breaths, bring his heart rate back to normal, and shake his feathers a little bit back into place before he hopped to the base of the tree.

It’s Thursday. Four days from now taxes are due. Let’s just take a breath, check our heart rate, and shake off the previous week before we make it the day we intend to take on with pride and ultimate calm.


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