Dog of the Day

I sell cremation plans. My job requires me to meet with people in their homes, ask a few questions, and listen a lot. Today, the lady I met with obviously needed me to listen. She told me stories about her, candidly speaking here, horrible painful life for two and a half hours. But in between the welled up tears, sighs, and curse words, along came Midnight.

Midnight and his "baby", a hedgehog toy.
Midnight and his “baby”, a hedgehog toy.

She was the sweetest, most Ewok/Mogwai-looking pup I have met to date. She brought the best comic relief, and I could tell by the look on this lady’s face that Midnight was her angel.

There are numerous studies and articles about the health benefits of being a dog owner.

Making friends with my client’s dogs is a good 30% of what I love about my job. Dogs know if you are a good person or not, too. A lady’s dog, like Midnight, will tell her that I can be trusted.

At home, my dogs are my children. They need me as much as I need them. Part of my work/life balance is ensuring I have enough time with them, especially outside.
This is a fair warning: there will be blogs about my dogs in the future. 😀


3 thoughts on “Dog of the Day

  1. I have heard all the good things that can come from owning dogs, but has there been any research on the health benefits, if any, of people who are owned by dogs?

    1. Yes. Click on the links in my post. 🙂 In fact there is a dog documentary that shows a doctor proving that seratonin levels increase dramatically when a human pets a dog. I cant remember what the name of it was. I’ll have to find it. Thanks for visiting!

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