Friday Feel Good

Who loves their job on Fridays? Who loves Fridays only because Saturday comes after Friday?

My last client today said, “You love your job don’t you? You must.”

I left their house at 5 PM today with a gigantic smile on the inside. I do love my job, all days of the week because I love what I do. I truly feel that I am helping protect families every day that I work, even Fridays. Yeah, I get a fuzzy feel good feeling when clients hug me and thank me. Yeah, that’s an average day for me. And those hugs happen on successful productive days, like today.

Do congressmen have successful productive Fridays too?

Do you?

When you go out on a Friday night, is it to celebrate a successful productive week? Or is it to drink away the memories of “slaving away” the week?

Why do I ask?

If you love what you do, in my opinion, you are more productive and successful – clients want to work with someone earnestly passionate about what they do. When I talk about work/life balance, I am also talking about enjoying as many hours of the day as possible – many of those are work hours.

So as you raise your pint or your hi ball or your deep wide round wine glass, take a moment to understand what you are grateful for and how you can potentially make for more celebration next week.

I deserve my brew tonight!




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