Financial bonds, although important to discuss later, are not the point of today’s post. Human bonds in my world are much more valuable and increase exponentially with time to such a degree that I could consider myself wealthy in that regard.

Unlike bonds we hear financial advisors discuss over their lunch hour,
human bonds are seemingly more difficult to obtain, take more maintenance, and feed the soul with such nourishment I would proclaim they are good for the heart.

My current position allows me to bond with people several times a day, five to six days a week. That is the main reason why I love my job.

Just when I wonder what the heck I am doing, selling cremation plans, I’ll get a call from a lady in the Janesville/Beloit area who says, “Laura, Sweetie, keep doing what you are doing, Girl, and don’t you forget about me!”

On a day when I was trying to coordinate more educational opportunities throughout the community, I got a call from the lady whose husband showed his abusive side to me. In quite the heated moment I stood up for her and wouldn’t let him carry on (I won’t share details, but imagine a man turning into a tornado in a small dine-in kitchen).
She called me to say that I was her hero and, “I love you, Laura. I really do. Thank you so much.”

Yes, there are roller coasters associated with sales. Every salesperson would love consistency on their paychecks. It doesn’t happen when you are an independent. The rewards that come in the mail are from my favorite farmer in the Marshall area who sends me more and more referrals from his rural community, and I can just see the beaming smile on his face as he does it. He smiles on the phone when I call to thank him, and yes, I make sure he gets gift certificates to his favorite pizza restaurant downtown, “where the pretty waitresses work.”

And then in my travels this job requires, I meet Laurie Kutil (and her kind husband), the sweetest person anyone could have the pleasure to meet. She is the one who was my number one fan in getting this blog going. Together we learn, laugh, and enjoy her photographs and stories. She gave me one of the best compliments. “Laura, I like you. I can tell we are going to be friends. We are kindred spirits.”

So what? So I’m not driving around the state in a company car with all expenses paid. So I’m not buying my first home this year, let alone a second one for long luxurious vacations. So what if my resume begs for a high paying salary with rich benefits? The people I bond with on a regular basis are worth more than the high pressure to report the latest sales and performance in a multi-sheet Excel document. It’s worth more than cramming my body into stuffy suits and sitting too much in a grey office and two hour conference calls. It’s worth more than putting myself in yet one more position where my loving husband is begging me to come home again.

I earn my wealth in human bonds.


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