Why I am not taking the $90K base salary jobs plus benefits

First of all, I apologize for not writing for a week. This past week has been too ponderous to allow myself to put it in words. As will be discussed in future posts, the winds of change are a blowin’. Usually for a salesperson that means they are looking to jump their current ship to a join a more interesting, prosperous, exciting new adventure on bigger shinier ship. Not this time for me, although I thought it did.

I heard my manager say with complete earnest excitement, “What other job is going to make you X thousand dollars a month?!” I was confused. I get offers pretty much every day for pay at least double of what salary he was so excited about. Seriously. And I usually reply to these wonderful, optimistic, flattering recruiters, “Thank you so much for your compliments and opportunity. At this moment I feel too spoiled in my current position to switch.”

Am I spoiled in take home pay? Hell no. HELL no. Do I get all kinds of company paid benefits to compensate for the pay? No again. Yeah, I know. Everyone who hears that says, “Ouch!” You are not the only one. Am I crazy? Yes. That is exactly the reason I say no thanks to these bigger better job offers. At least for now.

First of all I should explain, the pay will get better as I grow my business. That’s my mantra anyway.
Second of all I will remind you of the reason I started this blog – to practice and help others practice work/life balance.

Sure I pay through the nose for health insurance. Sure I sweat extra hard during tax time because I am now paying self-employment tax for the first time in my life. In my life! And I’m no spring chicken. And yes, the loan officer at the bank kinda hates my husband and me for both taking the dive into independent worker world. Yeah, so neither of us is earning a steady secure solid $X bi-weekly paycheck.

Enter the answer to the question such titling this post:

I chose this job with the lowest pay of all my options last May (and higher potential risk) because I would gain the feeling that I was truly helping people on my own time. I would be in charge of my schedule. I would be in charge of my daily activities and joy as interwoven into my work day as possible and at will. I would do yoga in the middle of the day and still protect families in the morning and evenings. The plus side is that I love it. There will be more of this in future posts. Just know that I am very good at my job, my clients love me, and I love what I do.

So what are these winds of change I referenced before?

My family needs me. I need my family. What new development happened there is not to be discussed in this post, but I can tell you that I feel the intense need and desire to spend more time with my parents, three and a half hours away from my Madison home.

I thought I would have to reconsider my current position and go into real estate. In fact I was so certain I called my good friend, Kevin Nordahl, and asked for a candid conversation about the idea of transitioning into being a real estate agent in my home town. I am so glad I did. Not only did I come home with a stronger conviction that I will never ever be a real estate agent, but I also came home to a husband who had been seriously thinking about my new revelation that I needed to somehow build a slow transition back to our old stomping grounds.

He was bursting with enthusiasm. I love my job, I am very good at protecting families with a Neptune Cremation Plan, and our home town just happens to be quite the retirement community. To him it was simple. Just expand my current business into “up north.” It was brilliant. As an independent, I can do that.

This weekend was my first trial run at a long weekend with my folks while conducting business here and there. I must say readers, it was a wonderful start. This community is welcoming me in to their world, encouraging me to continue, and my parents and I are grateful for it. Work is necessary of course to afford the simple life my husband and I live. Life includes, for me, the outdoors, dogs, exercise, projects, and family. No Fortune 500 company can put a price on the time I spent with Mom this weekend. The value of the time I spent with Dad is also incredibly priceless.

I successfully achieved an incredible work/life balance this weekend. Those other positions would not have allowed for this. Right. Yet I still plan on earning more than my manager’s reference to only $X thousand dollars a month! Sheesh! I’m worth double that!

I’ll post details later.
– Laura Beck Nielsen


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