Time for Spring already

If you live in the Midwest, and you are grumpy, or everyone else around you seems grumpy, it takes seconds to find out it is because of the weather. The sun will tease us for an hour or two if we are lucky and then the cold dark storm clouds return with unwanted freezing precipitation. If we are not careful, the storm clouds can sneak into our brains and freeze our old stale thoughts. Where is the hope?

Last Saturday, before I ventured out to an interested couple to offer them the protection of a Neptune Society cremation plan, I went for one more hike in the Back 40 with my dad and my dogs. My dogs were in heaven. The sun was shining, the entire Back 40 was their playground (a big deal for city dogs) and their senses were in overload. Everyone was skipping, frolicking, and smiling…even the birds.

Suddenly I heard my puppy Iggy Pupp bark in a curious high pitched tone. His ears were forward and he pointed to the ground with cheerful excitement. I walked over to the brown tuft of grass to see this…

A family of ribbon snakes thought it was spring
A family of ribbon snakes thought it was spring

Yep, even snakes thought it should be spring and by all protests, decided to gather in the sun while it lasted, that is, until my big deaf Bouvier came stomping through the pile. Poor snakes.

I’m going to take the snake sighting as a symbol for rebirth, shedding skin, starting anew. I’m also going to look at it as a reflection of family sticking together, keeping each other warm, and taking on this new adventure together.

Get your snake on, folks. You just might startle someone into doing the same.

or are these garter snakes?


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