Don’t Just Sit There, Fidget!

Whether or not today is a rainy day in your next of the woods, that’s no excuse. We as humans need to get off our butts. We sit too much. It’s sad but true, and there are dozens of articles on it already. What’s a working girl to do?

Office jobs and road warrior sales careers are starting to increase our heart health risks. Literally the new sedentary office and home life is shortening our life expectancy. You might think the last guy in your office who had a heart attack was a slim guy who diligently ate his brown bag lunch and was at a freakishly low risk. Sitting around staring at the computer screen for hours on end, or sitting in the car staring at the semis in front of you for hours on end, is simply not good. We gotta find every little way possible to move. We have to get our blood flushing through. Imagine a kinked hose in your body where your limbs remain stagnantly still… Yeah, let’s fix that.

Simple reminders to do every day, whether at work or on the couch at home, get up every 45 minutes. Get a glass of water and chug it. Give your plants some water. Make it a point to just speed walk around the office before you sit back down. Anything!
Another tool to help in these office situations is the balance ball. Seriously, try it. You can pump them up so they simply sit under your desk until your ready to roll it out and replace your chair with it. Bounce a little. Roll back and forth a little. Press your heels into it. The point is to move. The great thing with the ball is that you have to sit straight and suck in your tummy to increase balance and posture. These are good practices for anyone.

What about during the 45-60 minutes we are caught sitting? We’ve all been trapped in two hour conference calls, two hour drives, and two hour client meetings. What then? Fidget. Keep in mind, certain signs of alertness are good in meetings. As meetings drag on it is easy to slump, slide down in the chair, lean forward, rest the head on the hand… all bad signs to everyone else in the room. So get something moving. Wriggle and air tap your toes. Perform small ankle lifts. Engage your thighs in reps. Engage your lower abs in reps. These can all be done subtly. What else can you come up with? Don’t tap the pencil. Keep yourself quiet and alert.

On the road, simple muscle engagement is key. Again, you must remain alert, of course, but instead of letting your butt fall asleep on your road rage escapade, clench your buttocks in reps. shake your arms a little every once and a awhile. Roll your shoulders. Sing out loud and tap the steering wheel. Give yourself enough travel time to stop at the rest stop and hop around. Shake out the sedentary state we have all become accustomed to. Undo the slump and get your body awake again.

Again, drink lots of water. This helps flush out the body, keep us alert and mindful, and frankly, will keep us moving. No one wants to sit around for hours with a full bladder and screaming kidneys. Take a brisk walk on half of your lunch break.

We are a larger burden on our own health, our work/like balance, and our own careers if we don’t get a move on. Brains need oxygen and we need brains to think. Its simple, but how much work can you accomplish with stagnant blood? Wake up your body and brain and notice the results. Fresh blood fresh thoughts.

So today, catch yourself. How many times do you sit still in your day? What will do you to shake it loose today, tomorrow, and the next day?

I myself need to get my butt moving as well, since typing does not count as fidgeting.
Here’s wishing you a moving day.


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