Grrrsday, November 14, 2013

Today bring out the animal- but proceed with caution.

Today I learned that if not prepared for the challenge, and in a moment of weakness, I will growl, stomp, pound fists, and nearly bite the man that backs me into a corner. The morning zip into the office was supposed to last perhaps one to five minutes as I dropped off signed contracts and rushed off to my next scheduled appointment, but instead a co-worker thought it would be fun to rub it in that he was not only kicking my butt in sales, but that I was obviously the weak one of the pack so far this month. If you have ever watched the alpha in a pack getting challenged, you would understand or at least expect the alpha to respond with aggression to defend her place. The animal in me did just that, although I did not consider it a proud moment. Everyone seemed to cower within minutes and start licking paws.

Grrrsday it is.

The funny thing is, as soon as that beastly episode ended, all goods things followed. My clients called me asking how they could send me a whole list of referrals. My sister sent the cheerful text with photo of Edmund breaking out his inner tiger. Even the sun shone brightly, warmed up my cheeks, and evaporated the head cold from my previously frigid drippy nose.

My posture straightened with gratitude and pride. My voice returned with optimistic and confident lilting intonations. Clients willingly set up dates and times to sit down and discuss the very thing they inquired about- incredible! I say this after a day in which clients no-showed and no-signed. Many a dollar and a mile was spent to get this disappointment, and as any independent will declare… that’s exhausting both financially and emotionally.

So what does any animal do when they are knocked down? They either cower or they run.
I ran, with my dog, and tried to work out all of my anger and sweat out the stress. My dog taught me to make it fun, embrace the senses, enjoy the elements however challenging they are in the moment, and revel in beauty of bare necessities: exercise, outdoors, food, water, and sleep. All of this perfectly timed before my husband’s art opening turned fundraiser tomorrow night. Our sweet Iggy Pup needed critical surgery to put his guts in their proper place and what did he do? He healed and persevered with a resilience so rare in every day life. Leave it to an animal to show the way. Truly. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead get primal for a bit and enjoy.

My nephew, Edmund, already read my mind from two and half hours away and brought out his tiger slippers (I bought them for him for Christmas last year) and proceeded to test his speed and verocity around the house, according to my sister. The instant result was sheer primal content and pride.

What are you going to do to envoke the animal in you today? Can you bring out the beast in a healthy way? Better than me? I hope so.

May your roar or purr be heard, the sun shine on your head, and your tail wag with joy.
Peace to your kingdom,



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