Mantra Day, November 18, 2013

“As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.”- Deepak Chopra

Mondays mark my beginning, the day I truly reset my brain and rejuvenate my job enthusiasm.
In my initiative to get back in balance (or was I ever in fact in balance ever before?) I signed up for the Door County Half Marathon again. What the heck does that have to do with balance?
Training for a half marathon to me requires a well-planned schedule, a routine carried out only through discipline, and complete sycronicity between the brain and the body. Imbalance quickly throws one or the other out of whack- either the mind or the body. The ritual of rest, exertion, and stretch… rest, exertion, and stretch incorporates both mental strength and muscular discipline to create a rhythmic coodinated healthy life. After a good run, stretch, and shower all the day’s stress melts away and the mind opens up for positive creative ideas and mantras.

This time around I designed my training for both my mind and body, for my overall success not just my race success. Mondays will be Mantra Days.

This Monday I adopted the above Deepak Chopra mantra, one of 21 Mantras for Abundance.
To me it reinforces and reintroduces an old piece of advice I used to give friends, “You have to love yourself with a full heart in order to truly love anyone else.” If I can open myself up to a well-rounded daily practice of, as Chopra puts it, “abundance consciousness” I can then practice my job from a place of true compassion and caring. The subject of the services I sell is extremely sensitive, and for some people, downright uncomfortable. Every day I visit with folks to talk about their end of life wishes and plans. We talk about alleviating emotional and financial burdens from family members. Inevitably, if I create a bond with my clients, stories spill out all over the meeting. And if I listen and respond from an honest caring place within me, my clients thank me for helping them with something that they thought would be terrible and painful. We part each other grateful for the unexpected therapy, tears, laughter and hugs.

That is how I can do my part to heal the world. How many people end their work day feeling they have truly helped the world be a better place? Don’t be pessimistic. Thousands, millions of people help other people through tough times and over into a safer, healthier place. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, firemen, teachers, and so many scientists in so many more specialized fields. Day after day someone only a few handshakes away works for a healthier planet, human population, or work environment.

My little part of the grand picture simply strives to protect families from unnecessary funeral debt or potential family feuds. I feel the need to be a healthy body, mind, and soul in order to sincerely be of any worth to my clients, and I achieve that through proper exercise, as local and organic of a diet as I can consume, and silent moments of positive reflection. When I do, I can approach my clients with my best me, and therefore the positive results for everyone follow. How do you do your little part? I’m confident you are full of wonderful.


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