Z-Day, November 19, 2013

Z-day yes, equals Zombie Day for me in this new schedule I’ve created to help me get back on track. And yes, I fell way off track from my ideal healthy lifestyle with a good healthy work/life balance. Each day I feel the desire to stave off becoming today’s version of zombie. Sure, life threw me a few distractions this year, but come on, I should be able to fit in three runs a week, 300 words a day, and a few yoga sessions no matter what’s challenging my days, right? So here I go.

Well there is this little problem I currently have, so I did not go on my Zombies, Run! excursion throughout the neighborhood today, but I will every 3 Z-days from here on out. So tonight I felt guilty enough to wake up, drink a cold glass of water, and write a blog post anyway with a little reflection on the concept of zombies themselves.

Seriously, think about it. Why are zombies so popular right now? Do you really have to wonder? Just open your eyes walking around pretty much anywhere excluding perhaps Jackson Hole and maybe Paris. But even in Hollywood these days, people, live real people, are scuffling around in gas station minimarts or plopped down dead-eyed at fast food joints with near-dead brain activity. And when I say this, I don’t mean some people here and there. I mean lots and lots of people everywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be an age limit there either. from super young to super old, and all those essential working-age people in between, millions of people seem zoned out.

Why? What’s going on? Are so many people over-medicated? Under-stimulated? Is fast food and junk food sludging up the circulatory system to the point that drooling and groaning while swaying lifeless at the water cooler is today’s normal? Is the mall just simply the bright noisy attraction for gathering zombies in a large structure away from smart (old normal) live-brain humans?

On a serious note though, November is Alzheimer’s and Dementia and Caregiver Awareness Month, an extremely realistic malady I see on a regular basis. The unfortunate reality is that wonderful beautiful people who end up with severe Alzheimer’s are essentially zombies with no appetite for brains. I’ve met many and it’s truly scary how similar they look like the movie version of zombie, but of course without the blood stains on the chin. The eyes stare aimlessly into nowhere, the jaw hangs slack, the moans and eery slow wondering… all resemble too well the undead. The sad thing is, the disease at that point has truly taken over that person. The mother, wife, or loved one drooling in the corner of the room is no longer the mother, wife, or loved one. They are the host of a horrible disease.

Where is the positive message? You can try to do something about it, many things. You can visit http://www.alz.org to learn more about the disease and keep up on new discoveries, sign up for a Walk To End Alzheimer’s fundraiser, and seek resources for you and your loved ones should you need it. Studies show that the more aerobic activity you do, the more grey matter you will build back up in your brain. This is hopefully one way to stave off dementia. The more we exercise our brains… well come on, the more we exercise our brains the better anyway! I think we can only better our world with better hearts and brains.

Yes, have fun with your zombie games. Watch your zombie shows and movies. Read your zombie survivor guide and laugh out loud. Then go for a run with your Zombies, Run! app and stretch out your hips, butt, and legs while you stretch your brain on some Lumosity app or some brain game. Together, one active happy healthy brain at a time we can stave off the real Zombie Apocalypse.


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