Grrrsday, November 21st

My Grrrsday rocked, so I took the time to reflect. What I realized is that my little family has finally achieved the lifestyle we aimed to live years ago- a life surrounded in and focused on art, dogs, and the outdoors. Most of this wisdom I learned from my dogs, Baloo, Iggy Pup, and the late Ella. From them to me, heed this sagely canine advice (via human observation and translation):

Baloo, Iggy and new friends at the Ice Age Trail dog park in Verona, WI.
Baloo, Iggy and new friends at the Ice Age Trail dog park in Verona, WI.

Find friends not fights. Fights suck. Unless you are a total bitch and can’t help yourself, most of us will only stick around the guys who have good-hearted fun and play. For every bitch there are at least ten good friends to be had. Go on, sniff and greet those over there wagging their tails.

Be grateful for love and help and be sure to thank those who love and help you… often.

Family sticks together. Family is a unit, a team with a pact to have each other’s corner. You don’t desert your family or disrespect them. Family you honor, protect, love.

But learn your place in the pack. Not everyone can be top dog, but nothing gets accomplished when everyone rolls over on their back all of the time. If you are not leader now, you might be one day, but your place is always important at whatever rank. As long as you know your place you can fulfill your role and strengthen the pack.

Give me a job– I am proud to do my job and do it as best as I can. Feel proud of your life, the food you eat each day, and the bed on which you sleep. You’ve earned that life through a task well done. Whatever it is you were tasked to do, if you did a great job you get affection, a resting place, and treats.

Learning new tricks deserves treats. And if you learn something new and challenge yourself, you definitely deserve those treats. Go get those treats.

There is no such thing as too many kisses.

No worries, yes nap time. Once you’ve done your job, relax. Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause everything is going to be alright. Just lay back, roll back for a belly rub, close your eyes and dream something so happy you grin in your sleep.

There’s no use being solo while you chill either. Take in the warmth and love, my friend, and let’s cuddle it up.

Do your yoga in the morning and drink your water all day. When you wake, the first thing you do is stretch. Stretch both ends to the sun and fill the lungs with fresh morning air. Now drink your water and drink liberally throughout the day.

Don’t question why or to where. When given the opportunity to run, run!

Morning is great! Celebrate the awesomeness of a fresh new day!
Because think of it, it’s a brand new day full of new smells, new sounds, and still familiar faces. What could possible happen today? Whatever it is it’s going to be good. Let’s go!


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