Mantra Monday, November 25th, 2013

If negativity suited me, I would declare today a horrible day so far. However, I found myself chanting a quiet phrase in my head as I sat in crawling traffic on the white-washed Interstate, “Move forward and make your day your way.” I am in charge of my day; not the snow, nor the client waiting for me an hour away. The only one who can make this the best day is me.

If negativity tended to be my default, and if I didn’t have a little voice in my head telling me to make my day my way, I would have been bitter that my client smoked five or more cigarettes in the 45 minutes I sat two feet from her. If negativity had it’s way, I would be feeling useless and angry that I’m stuck in string of little towns with horrible cell reception, two open food establishments outside of gas stations, and a good two hours before my next appointment 5 minutes away. A frustrated person would grind their teeth at the $12 lunch at the only potential hope for wifi and cell reception after following another cars tracks over a curb into the un-plowed snow-plush parking lot instead of the snowed-over driveway one assumed was there. Sure, I have had my temper tantrums in the not so distant past (see my first Grrrsday post!) and they scared me. It did not take much reflection to find complete revulsion in myself.

Instead of throwing my hands up in the air and giving up, I realized that I created good things today and will strive to continue to contribute to a good day. I successfully signed up a referred client in need. After a brisk walk out in the cleansing snowy air I found the one and only hope for a heated cozy quiet establishment serving good coffee. Bonus- they served organic lunch options. So my attempts to make phone calls failed. I tried and I tried. The phone now sits without offense alongside my ipad as I write my daily blog.

It’s Mantra Monday and today I tell myself to “Move forward and make your day your way.” A phone call session can resume in the comfort of my home after my afternoon couple. Tonight will be the ideal evening to catch up on phone calls. It might even inspire me to rearrange my new upstairs space into my own zen haven complete with a yoga space and balance ball. My clients will then hear the peaceful content in my voice, which always yields more success than a soured jaded voice pinched with boredom or failure. Today I move forward with good intentions, and therefore I will have a great day made my way. My Mantra Monday.

What mantra do you need today? “Positivity Please”? “Open your heart and mind”? “Breathe In good, breathe out bad”?


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