Wonderday, December 4, 2013

What happened to me Monday and Tuesday? I woke up sick- my head felt like a volcano ready to erupt with toxic mucus and burn down the house. Right. For two days some nasty evil cold took me down. But today, today my strong Just Coffee vigorously charged my blood with new energy. Some magical plate tectonic shifting in my skull quieted the volcano into potential dormancy. I might, just might, shed this disgusting shell to reveal a wondrous woman, unstoppable in her quest to protect families from evil funeral debt. In fact, yet again I wish Underoos still existed! And for adults, please.

20131204-092951.jpg My 25-year-old nephew joined me in coloring on Thanksgiving.

What salesperson doesn’t at one time or another, wish they could rip open their pressed button-up collared shirt only to reveal their superhuman identity? OK maybe my imagination still suffers under the influence of a fever. But if I were a sociologist studying employee morale in the office environment, and I tested the productivity of cubical workers before, during, and after providing them a weeks worth of Underoos (and asked them to wear their Underoos every day to work for 5 office days in a row), I predict the results would be astounding.

People at some point feel stale, whether after a horrible sickness or after a long trudge through the corporate shit that runs downhill. How can anyone keep their own morale up, let alone influence the morale of those around them? People, especially salespeople, need to feel special, capable, and amazing. This is hard to feel when nothing new is happening around the work environment. It’s hard to feel capable if the office team provides obstacles not unlike the burden of Sisyphus. It’s hard to feel amazing if everyone else around you slumps into powerless failure time and time again, as if the office itself were made of Kryptonite. So how can the everyday working Joe go to work every day, doing the same thing under ever-increasing pressure, with no inspiration, no new motives, and still produce like a super hero? Now take that a step further into independent status- how can you make yourself your own super star in your home office? Does an invigorating steamy shower and a good cup of coffee do the trick every time? Is your iPhone plum full of inspirational songs to prep your mindset for success?
I’m not saying Underoos are the only answer, but hey if your ego needs an attitude boost, they might help.
What makes you feel like a superhero at work?
I hope you have a super wonderful day.

20131204-093118.jpg My nephew’s “Super”man.


7 thoughts on “Wonderday, December 4, 2013

  1. Hello, Laura! Multiple musings: 1. Sinusitis stinks. We are sisters in arms. 2. I have never heard of Underoos, they sound more like little people from Gulliver’s travels or the Borrowers than underwear. 3. I want some Wonder Woman underoos. 4. How do I motivate myself to work? With great difficulty, because I work from home on the very toy that I use for my favourite hobby. So I bribe myself with writing time and chocolate. 😉 Oh, and 5:I have a VW Beetle the same colour as yours, but muuuuch older. Her name is Helga and she’s an old grandma of a car but she’s got super powers, just like me.

    1. Fascinating comment! I agree- we have a choice as to how we spend our time, and work takes up a good majority of it, as you say, so we may as well make the most of it and put ourselves in a situation where we can enjoy life as much as possible knowing work takes up the majority of this time. Maybe Canadians don’t have this issue, but a lot of American’s find they are either married to work or not working. There is a reason anti-depressents are big business. I hope I can keep you interested in my blog. ;-D Cheers and thank you for following me.

    2. LOVE it! 1) Yeah, blowing yellow radioactive slugs out of my nose in the morning definitely sucks. 2) I am so sorry you never had Underoos in your childhood, but perhaps I tripped upon a million dollar idea here…3) Yes, you do want Wonder Woman Underoos. They made me feel more magical than ever. 4) I love that you bribe yourself with one of my favorite health foods. 5) Awesome! I actually was thinking of naming that orange 1973 Schwinn Helga. She’s a sturdy hefty steel gal and though she takes a while to get going, once she gets going she’s hard to stop. I’m feeing more like Helga every day. Cheers!

    1. Oh yes it’s frigid up and over here! Breaking out the layers in wool and down. 🙂 we look cute all bundled up though. And thankfully yes, I am feeling much better. Safe travels and pack with layering in mind. Hats, mittens (warmer than gloves), and good wool socks are necessities.

  2. It does seem to be getting harder to keep morale up and avoid that stale feeling. (I used that exact word last night when talking with my wife about the Christmas season. It grows more difficult each year to muster the excitement that used to start building in early December.) So many people are struggling — commiseration may be the only solution, at least for now.

    I hope you’re feeling better.

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