Groove Day Every Day

Forgive me. This week I worked and crashed without commiting to my blog each night, but Honey, I was in a groove.
Each day I closed at nearly 100%, which in my job is incredible. The best part though was each person I met with I adored, and they gave me incredibly sweet compliments. We enjoyed each other’s company, hugged, and were almost sad to leave each other’s company.
One couple sent me home with a pheasant to cook up for dinner, another sent me home with her favorite coffee after feeding me her dark chocolate covered pretzels.
Yet now I sit down and realize that kicking butt in my job cannot, in my mind, be the only accomplishment of my week. My ongoing quest to truly balance a successful work and personal life continues. Sure, when we crashed as a family we all snuggled and that’s great, but my list of other stuff to do grows quietly in the corner while I watch “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”
What is my ideal week? How can I get in a good groove both at work and at home?
For me, a perfect week is hitting or beating my quota at work, eating mostly healthy meals (Friday night I can splurge), running about three days a week, hitting hot yoga classes two or three days a week, writing a minimum of 300 words a day, and getting at least one good two hour or so dog park hike in (this in assumption that I ran three days with my puppy). Ideally I ride my bicycle to the grocery store and carry my groceries back on my back. This way I earn my dinner and prevent total overpurchasing. Bonus: no road rage.
What inevitably falls to the wayside: house cleaning. Sure a clean house is a happy house, but I’d rather get outside with the family most the day instead of spending precious hours making the house guest-ready every single day. That’s what Sundays are for- during the Packer game- so no matter if they win or lose I’ve accomplished something.
It’s called voting with our time. And I’m realizing I need to wake earlier work days to fit in my ideal life.
As most people tell me in their December month, all good habits died a while ago, so why bother trying to be good now? That’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for. I say this after creating my own planner for 2014, complete with goals, half marathon training schedule, and a Sunday Checklist to make sure I start out each week right.
So what is your ideal week? How do you vote with your time? What are you aiming for in the New Year to impove the way you spend your time? How are you going to groove?



11 thoughts on “Groove Day Every Day

  1. Great post! I need to lose some weight next year. I have not tried for awhile and its time to again. I was grooving yesterday on my sewing machine though. My warmest winter coat needed a new zipper and I put it in myself. I aim to sew more next year too, make more clothes again like I did 20 years ago. Next year will be great for both of us! Take care Laura πŸ™‚

    1. Wow! My sewing machine has been collecting dust and dog hair. Maybe I can muster up the courage to break it out and actually repair all the work pants and blouses stacking up in a special spot in my closet.

  2. I’m planning on being tougher about my procrastination, but that would mean spending less time blogging. I need to get outside and moving more, though I walk with my dog – I only have two speeds, stop and start. I’m also hoping for better organisation of my time, looking after my appearance more than I do (lots of room for improvement there), and earmarking time to put on my PJ’s and write in my bed every evening. Pfft. I’m tired now.

    1. I hear ya! Similar scenario here. The dogs and I need to get out there while the sun is out, I can jog Iggy at night with my headlamp, and after a good aromatherapy shower settle down for a blog post or novel excerpt. Let’s keep each other motivated!

  3. My list of “other stuff” to do grows LOUDLY in my corner! It’s screaming and yelling at me to get done. πŸ™‚ I am moving slowly this season and taking this hibernation thing seriously. I need to get outside more, that’s my resolution! πŸ™‚

  4. Right now my life is in such transition its hard to imagine an ideal week, because they have to change so often! I’m currently just trying to be at peace with that idea…that things can’t necessarily be planned because my work and (mostly) family schedules need flexibility. That being said, logging off my computer at night and making time to read while snuggled in bed is huge. Having some alone time/space is an important part of my balance right now, as is finding some time to get outside (more snow, please!)

    While I’m here briefly in WI, I would like to feel as if I have helped my family – which means helping to clean and organize their house because my parents lives are too busy to be able to maintain it right now. And, in order to stay sane while doing so, I listen to interesting podcasts to keep my brain groovin’, plus I keep planning and dreaming for the future!

    My New Years resolution is to flex my creative muscles more – more drawing, more creating, more engaging the artist part of me. Its something that I think is so valuable and I often push it aside for “practical” reasons. (I also want to finally teach myself how to play the harmonica!) You inspire me by keeping up with your writing, Laura, and Dave of course inspires me with his art.

    1. Em, it is so wonderful to hear from you! Yes, balancing family, work, fun… is a constant exercise. I applaud your goals to flex those creative muscles! This is something both DAve and I put aside, as you put it, for practical reasons, and guess what? We were miserable! We creative folks need work/life balance more than any other breed. Nose-to-the-grindstone just for a paycheck slowly kills us. Despite the financial challenges an artistic life might provide, living through your true soul and giving back to the world the best way you know how is our duty. Providing others a new perspective, alternative flavor, unique thought process… makes the world a better place in which to live. I think we all hope to look back on our life with pride rather than regret.
      Good for you for staying sane and taking time for yourself after giving so much to others. I have forgotten entirely about podcasts and will have to revisit their library. Any suggestions? Thanks for your inspiration, Em!

  5. Ahh Laura thank you for the affirmations πŸ™‚ I’m inspired by your work-life-balance goals and reading your blog helps me put things in perspective and keeps me striving for similar balance!

    My partner Jacob recommended this podcast to me recently, and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes “On Being” is a little heavy for me but this one just really seemed to hit home – it even links to what we were talking about in regards to creativity!

    Also, I’m a religious News from Lake Wobegon listener. Gotta love Garrison Keillor, us WI folk can laugh and relate to it all. The Writers Almanac is fun too.

    I like listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me too because I usually never catch it perfectly when its on the radio.

    Another favorite is RadioLab.

    If you know of any good podcasts, let me know! I’m doing a lot of sitting/organizing stuff right now and having something to listen to is fun. I’m also on an audiobook kick too πŸ™‚

    1. Fascinating! This is reminding me to get an adapter for my iPhone 5S to plug into my “old” iPod cable for my stereo. If I could stream podcasts or audio books while I’m driving from one end of the state to the other… I’m bound to become one wise woman, right? πŸ˜‰ Good friends inspire each other – another reason I am so glad to hear from you again. I’ll report on any good podcast or audio book finds. Cheers! PS- it sounds like you are too involved, however, if you ever want to join the pups and me at Indian Lake, don’t be shy.

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