Funday, December 29th, 2013

Today my calendar showed only one appointment, “Coffee with Em at Old Sauk Barriques: 9 AM”. Finally Fun took time in my schedule since Christmas night. That’s right- I filled my days from December 26th through the first half of Saturday, December 28th, with cremation plan appointments. I want to earn a Christmas bonus, too. However, almost half my appointments cancelled due to “family emergencies.” So what did I do? Go home and work in my pajamas.
Am I wrong or is that the hardest part about going back to work after Christmas, especially in these northern states, to leave your pajamas?
That and ignoring the Jefe Grande telling me to, “Be sure and make as much money as you can when you get back, OK?” as I remind him one more time that I took off Monday and Tuesday before Christmas Day to help my dad. I tried to punctuate the conversation with, “Happy Holidays!” but he had to have the last word, and made sure to extra emphasize the “Christmas” word followed but a clenched “Merry.”
After that I texted him, “Almost to no reception zone in the northwoods. I’ll check in on the 26th,” and made darn sure to spend each minute before my 10 AM appointment December 26th as merry as possible.
Is it wrong to completely Flip off the work switch as soon as you get in the car to leave for vacation? I don’t think so.
Is it wrong to desire working in your pajamas after a gorgeous, family-filled, jolly vacation?
I would hope that is completely normal behavior, and in fact, expected for the last days of December. Do I feel guilty when El Jefe expects me to work every single day until January 3rd, including Sundays, and I take time off for myself?
Is it odd to put a coffee date with a good friend in the calendar for a Sunday? With a reminder no less? Do you think I would allow myself to accidently sleep in or forget such a precious 90 minute section of what spare minutes are left of 2013?
I’m feeling it, aren’t you? Work and life in perfect harmony. Ah!


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