To Do’s Day

To Do’s Day

I write this knowing that weeks flew by without one blog post from me. What happened? I let myself get distracted. In fact, somehow during the holidays and flip of the calendar year, my brain sparked with ideas. I mean fireworks and fireworks all day long, and work demands delayed my ability to spew these sparking ideas onto paper or into my iPad. Ideas for the greatest novels, children’s books, online magazine’s, support groups, new business plans, and more shot with bursts of heat and energy to the point my head literally felt hot.

Then, as if by some evil magic, the fireworks stopped and my accountant screwed up- big time. Unrelated? Perhaps. However, after writing make-up checks to the US Treasury and Wisconsin Department of Revenue that depleted my savings account… my feet hit the ground with a thud. Cold hard ground.

To be fair, I had premonitions this was going to happen. I had been asking all year if she was sure she was getting our quarterlies accurate. And as my husband said, at least we had the money saved up on the side. That chilled my brain a bit, the steam released into the snowy air, and I refocused. I emailed my financial advisor stating we needed to meet.

Creativity plays a large part in my life, and as my husband reminds me, this creativity is most beneficial when honed in, redirected from way out in La La Land back to our goals and dreams. Refining and refocussing time, energy, and let’s face it, money, towards our dreams feels amazing and a bit more controllable. This is where I praise my financial advisor. One of the first things she said to me is, “I want you to write down 100 dreams. Try to do it in one sitting. And keep a dream book by your bed. I’m serious.”

Then she showed me hers and admitted it was hard getting past 50, but she’s going to try it herself again. This seemed to me the perfect first step to therapy for my brain. I am a dreamer, I need no help exercising dreaming activity in my mind, but tying these dreams down to paper to me is a serious first step to the rest of your life planning.

Last night right after I met with my F.A. my husband and I briskly walked to our local favorite to eat good food, sip on a pint, and get our elbows on the table. He has been researching some dreams of his own and together we came up with an action plan towards some financial goals. Yes, I broke out the pen and notebook and wrote them down. It felt like a locker room meeting with an encouraging, “Go Team!” type boost to our step. It’s one thing to dream. It’s another to dream with a partner. When the dreams sync, I swear unicorns are born over the rainbow.

So when we made it home (nearly missing frostbit ears) I tried it. I curled up with the dogs on the couch and attempted to write down 100 dreams. I woke at 4 AM this morning to finish the list. After reviewing the list, I impressed myself that few were materialistic. Sure, money buys opportunities, but it doesn’t necessary mean dreams are made of money. For the sake of space and conversation sparkers, I will share just a few below. But please, try this yourself, and tell me. How did it feel? What surprised you? Will this help you refocus your time, energy, attitude, spending, saving…? Will this help you plan your 2014? The rest of your life?

My Favorite of My 100 Dreams:
Buy a house in Madison area
Achieve Top 10 ISR at work
Own Door County property
“Retire” in Door County
Become Full Time Writer
Dave becomes Full Time Artist
Treehouse – adult sized
publish Iggy Pup children’s books
publish novels
write a murder mystery series under a pen name
Campfire poetry/flash fiction readings
Own a sauna and use it often
Go to Spain with Dave
Go to Italy with Dave
Travel to Thailand
to be able to enjoy the outdoors every day
whale watch at least once
Hike the Appalachian Trail
hike at least one section of PCT
Bikini body all year round
own/run artists retreat
Own a Wence Martinez rug
kayak chain of islands to Michigan
To age without Depends!
Celebrate a 50 year anniversary with Dave

OK, your turn.



2 thoughts on “To Do’s Day

  1. I want to come and play in your tree house too 😀 This was a great motivational post! 100 things? Geesh. I’d be happy to just learn how to be organized, be self-disciplined and finish my first novel. Glad you’re back to blogging!

    1. Thank you! Yes, 100 Dreams! It’s fun, exciting, and believe me, you will think of more as your day continues.
      I’m planning to try this exercise at least every quarter to stretch the brain, refine my focus, and cross off dreams that have come true.
      Organization and self-discipline are my constant daily challenges, but dreams, oh the dreams! 😉

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