Name Change?

Should I give my current blog post name the boot?

“Goddess on the Go” intended to match my traveling salesperson “Story Core” job in which I tried to remember amazing life stories, find nice outdoor parks for lunch, sneak in exercise in between appointments, create tasty packed meals to eat in the car or under a tree, and strived for work/like balance.

Tomorrow I start an Inside Sales position in which I sit in an office with a few others and with luck hit the office building fitness room during my lunch break and find a few good hiking paths when the sun shines. I’m excited about this. I just might be the oldest in the office at 38, working with a bunch of creative techie people for a small and growing company serving a unique niche. But “Goddess on the Go”?

I could decide that I need to change my blog post name to any of the following immediate options that come to mind:
– Hipster Nerd and Loving It
– Turning Over Stones
– Luxurious Lunchbox and more
– Boots and Skirts
…or I could realize that I would rather be on the go after work, not necessary because of work, and therefore make certain little dreams come true. Instead of coming home at 7:30 tired and unable to think of cooking dinner, I can come home invigorated by the trail run at Indian Lake or Nelson State Park. I could remember that now I will have the time and space to remember and write, albeit a bit fictionalized, these incredible stories I heard the almost two years I sold cremation plans across the state. Perhaps now more than ever I will actually be more of a Goddess on the Go, taking backpacking trips, kayak adventures, train trips, and (gasp) overseas vacation!

What do you think? Is there any reason to change the blog post name at all? Is that even important? Do you have a better blog post name for me than “Goddess on the Go”


8 thoughts on “Name Change?

  1. I LOVE the name of your blog Laura and although I hope you don’t change the name…you need to trust your beautiful, insightful and compassionate gut. I love your writings and freedom in sharing parts of yourself from which we all learn. Hugs and love to one of my most favorite Goddesses!

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