Dream Day, February 23, 2014

Wanderlust teases my brain today after sitting and snuggling with dogs for months. This bitter blustery winter brought on laziness and head colds, along with comfort foods without the necessary calorie- burning exercise to earn such heavy meals. My living room looks and smells stale.

Instead of shoving yet another chocolate chip cookie or cheese sandwich in my mouth, I decided to nestle into my usual little nest armed with ink and paper. I listed out loud to my husband the dreamy destinations and excursion extravaganzas I thought would benefit us artistically. At first he rolled his eyes, because I shared my little Facebook post that I’m dreaming also of a women’s wine country writers retreat- self-created of course. His response:

“You women always have to have your ‘thing.’ Your little ‘women only clubs.'” He doesn’t even like wine.

But then once he heard what I started to plan just for the two of us, he chimed right in and helped me list the ideas long on the journal page. Obviously, from our list below, we both love trains, and yes, trains are excellent for both drawing and writing. So here’s our short list:

– One week on the Amtrak, any direction, aim for a National Park.
Costa Rica for some eco-tourism, a little surf lesson, and chocolate.
Portugal for hiking, kayaking, and major siestas
Ireland on a bicycle
Upstate NY
– A cabin in the Keeweenaw Peninsula
Lake Superior camping
Isle Royale kayak/camping trip
VIA Rail trip through Canada
Trans Siberian Railway trip
– A Global Select Euro Rail pass with destinations in Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark

I hear your response to our list: you wonder why we would dream of more warm places with so many Polar Vortex plagued days, but we smell fireplace/campfire smoke in the air and we swoon. Some of our best images and stories were born at a picnic table, fire pit, hammock, or rocky beach. My favorite layers usually involve wool or silk. Hats and scarves find their place in my pack most days of the year. And when the evenings send whispers from the moon up and down your neck, what better excuse to snuggle in a little closer to your sweet-snoring honey?

Where would you write or paint or draw on a week or two away from home?

In the meantime, sweet dreams and happy trails.


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