Mantra Day, February 24, 2014

Writing Women with Wine.
Sitting here at home with snoring dogs at my feet and cooling coffee steaming up my nose, I dream of a little getaway retreat with the mission to write, take in new surroundings, and write some more with wine nearby most of the time. What my husband does not understand is that as soon as I make it a Women’s Retreat, the dream turns into reality with fervor and group gusto.

Fellow lady writer friends think this needs to happen, and happen this summer. This year the dream must play out fairly “close to home,” as one friend suggested, to be easier on the calendar and pocketbook. Then we, this is already the female version of weeding out the weak, the writers who actually pitch in and make this a “thing” happen, can strategically plan the proper destination retreat.

So we, the W3, whomever they turn out to be, just may be camping on the sandbars of the Wisconsin River this summer, and managing to escape inland to the vineyards of Wollersheim for picnics of wine, cheese, and bread while we grin and write of who knows what?

Or we, the W3, might take over a cottage at Seven Hawks vineyards overlooking the Mississippi River and writing in front of a fireplace until we just can’t write anymore.

There are plenty of options right here in our own beautiful state before we venture off to the Sonoma Valley or the Cinque Terra or, (sigh) Bordeaux.


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