Grrrsday, February 27, 2014

This hardly seems like the right year, 2014. Two thousand fourteen indeed! How on earth could so much time pass for human kind, and yet politicians in the United States, supposed “Land of the Free” currently, this week, this hour, consider bills to take away and prevent rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered humans. I purposefully chose not to use the word “individuals” as it sounds already too exclusive and alienating. So single out these members of our community is downright wrong. (growl)

For decades now, movies from all over the world tried to bring some sort of reason and reality to the subject, albeit most irrresponsibly using the characters for shock value rather than to illustrate a currrent day, modern humanity.

What character immeediately rises to the example in my mind, a transexual we could all revisit in a book, watch in a movie, and learn from now and again? Roberta Muldoon from John Irving’s “The World According to Garp.” As Garp remarks to this sweet ex-football star transvestite, “You seem like the most normal person around here.”

I’ll just leave this blog at that for now, and this question:

Have you hugged your gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trangendered neighbor today?

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2 thoughts on “Grrrsday, February 27, 2014

  1. Good on you for speaking out! I completely agree with you.Whilst the international community speaks out about the atrocities carried out against LGTBs in Russia, we ignore the presence of those who behave in a similar way in our own countries.
    Reading the link you provided, I am saddened to see that the only “reason” anyone has found to substantiate these laws is to protect “religious belief”. Give me strength. I gave up believing in religion that preaches tolerance and practices the complete opposite a long time ago.

    1. I love this perspective of yours, too. The media tends to suffer some disease that encourages finger-pointing. Unfortunately, a lot of evangelicals tend to adopt a similar strategy to “save” people. Good grief.

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