Fry Day, February 28, 2014

I caved today. And now I regret it.

Usually I eat fairly healthy food and try to pepper my day with exercise of some kind or another. Today I left my homemade french onion soup behind at the office and hit Culver’s. Yes, I fell for the “value” basket, too. I blame this poor decision on the facts that lined up against all good judgement: a plan to meet friends for dinner at 8 PM made my soup seem insufficient, the office felt chilly, and I was too hungry to think straight.

The result? Sitting down to my iPad mini only to read an article about how more research points to meat and fried food as aiding the onset of dementia. Ugh.

Sure the healthy brain judges me harshly anyway for not finding some sort of exercise to get my blood pumping – which would have warmed me up. After a good heart-charging session, good healthy food sounds better than greasy gross piles of meat, “American” cheese, wimpy lettuce and mustard.

Heck- most of the time I enter a Culver’s, all I have to do is smell the grease in the air and see the lumpy dimple-bottomed pimple-faced patrons and I spin on my heals and waltz right back out, saving my budget, body, and brain.

Now I entered the dangerous slippery slope of fast food access right down the street from my new office, where I need to use my brain while sitting in “the cube” all day. My brain is in trouble. My body is already suffering now that digestion of this horrendous meal torments my gut. What did I do?

What do you do to prevent such collapse into the path of least resistance? How do you succeed in saving yourself from all kinds of dietary destruction?
Give me hope. 😉


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