I’m back?

Goodness gracious sakes alive, I write to you in complete and utter shame, embarrassment, and… awe.

What the heck happened to me? Good question.
David and I bought a house in late April, moved in the first weekend of May and for about 4-6 weeks of that time (I lost track) we had company staying with us. Yes, we had company at the old house and the new house before, during, and after the move. Yes, I feel exhausted just thinking back on it, and a little drunk. We drank a lot of beer.

What else? I find no need to bore you. Rather, may I just sum up that my little raised bed garden turned into a wild voracious jungle, the neighbors rock, Dave’s finishing his cedar strip kayak in preparation for a trip to Rock Island, and we are in love with our house. More detailed stories of events I plan to write from this day forward.

Now all I need to do is take this precious time each day to rekindle my favorite habit- the constant challenge of discipline and creativity, protection and vulnerability, reflection and forethought- writing.

I’m back.
Please share some fun summer memories with me. Tell me which blog post I just have to read. Wrench me back in. I deserve the rough-handling, finger-wagging, and hopefully, coddling and coaxing back into this wonderful writers world. Coach me. Pinch me. Rub my nose into a story or question.

Thank you so much!


2 thoughts on “I’m back?

  1. Wow – that’s a heckuva a re-entry post! I did wonder where you went, but bloggers come and go for lots of different reasons. It is a hobby, after all. Looking forward to your stories!

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