Oh for the love

My mind settled into my skull like a cat curling up for a warm nap in a sunny window. One does not need to know the news I heard to provoke such a content repose. All one needs sometimes is to take the quiet comfort in remembering that life is precious. Sometimes we must slow down to a sweet stillness and absorb any minute goodness around us. Soak in posivity like a good stale toast takes in milky eggs for french toast.

Life brings us days that hurt, dear boy. And some days we try to cheat. We think we can skip past uncomfortable obstacles, fly by fast and miss the sting, but then the inevitable crash slaps the reality check against your heart. It sounds like a brick through a window. It smells like burnt hair and hot smoking rubber. Yet, despite the disaster and offensive aftermath, regardless of stranger sneers and monster mumbles, the safe person arrives to remind us that love is stronger than all this scary distraction.

People care. Sure, you might assume them stupid for taking you in again, for wrapping their arms around you to signify protection and security. It pangs your stomach to feel unworthy, doesn’t it? But that, as you also remember from times past, never matters. Your shame and self doubt hurts us more than it hurts you and we all know it never helps. Nothing helps until you love yourself. Love yourself first. You will. I promise.

I promise you love is larger than life and its worth your effort to build more of it so sharing is more common than borrowing. Love helps you heal and snuggle into your own skin with respect and appreciation.

You will awaken one day, dear soul, and see yourself as the beautiful amazing wonder we all believe in, we believe you to be true. We have all along, through every scrape and scratch and gouge and splatter. We bring the blankets and salve and soothing space. And we love you for the healing and for your tiny sunny glow we discover hiding underneath that self-perpetuating storm you conjure up under your ribs.

That too shall pass, dear. And we will all celebrate you, but not before you find your mind slowing down the circles, settling down for a long healing rest. Like the bird saved from a dogs mouth and nestled into a shoebox, you will find calm, unbroken, and finally ready to fly away.


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