…all in a row…

I walked off for a while. You know, like when a wild animal gets hurt and just walks off to heal and recharge? I did that. Kind of.

As I ventured from one open door to another, testing the potential for good energy, I managed to hold myself upright and steady. I gathered up more than hope. I summoned up courage and confidence like old true friends. Limping was not an option.

What did I find?

Fair warning, some of you might involuntarily curl your lip in disgust. And I am so OK with that. Frankly, I excel in helping people face conversations about what they really don’t want to talk about and make it comfortable. So naturally I decided to become an insurance agent.

Friends who know me share my enthusiasm and excitement. Sure, a lot of people hate insurance. Usually it’s because they don’t understand it, or “hate” their insurance agent. I understand and want to help those people, just like my past insurance agent we’ll refer to as Mr. K.

Mr. K and his wife helped my husband and me through all those stomach-flipping times I referred to in a comment to my previous blog post. When an accident occurred or a life change plopped in our laps, Mr. K was a comfort to call and took care of everything. He knew us and we just got closer with time. We trusted him so much we kept him as our agent when we moved.

Since then he retired. We miss him. And then my husband and I both agreed; I could be that guy. I could be a rock for my friends and neighbors in our favorite communities. I can be the comforting voice who can take care of everything when life throws lemons. I can and now I will.

I assigned myself to earn my four insurance licenses as my job in preparation for this career so I studied like a college student with too many credits in a one-month semester and passed all four by the end of December. (Cue cheer)

Now I feel exhilarated and ready to re-enter the world as a woman recharged and healed from her walk off. I’m getting all my ducks in a row. I’m going to write a lot and often. I’m going to reclaim the awesome communities I love. In the process I plan to grow my heart strong and beautiful. I see outdoor adventures in my near future, and a train trip. Heck, I might even incorporate my yoga and bike rides into my daily life again. I get to be me again!

And of course, I am excited to hear more stories from you.

Happy New Year, friends!
Let’s rock 2015 as the best version of ourself we can possibly be!


15 thoughts on “…all in a row…

      1. Oh no we have insurance, but we don’t have such a personal service as you’ve described, we just find the best deal ourselves and pay either online or over the phone, with whichever company we choose! You seem to have a very personalised view towards things in America, it’s the same with moving home, you have realtors that find places for you, we have estate agents, which we have to trudge around looking for the best house and then arrange viewings ourselves… your way is much better!

  1. Anything that comes in the way of the unified human experience of love, which takes away from basic fundamental human emotions and experiences of empathy, compassion – cannot be close to divinity. All spiritual paths, whatever name they go under, ultimately lead to the same destination. To claim that only one is true and the rest not so – is ludicrous. He, she or it that is all pervasive and has created an entire universe – how can such an intelligent presence differentiate between the very things it has created?

    1. This is the human challenge isn’t it? We cannot pretend to own the world yet we must care for it and those sharing it with us. We are human. We fail. We hurt. We fall. We heal. We love. We learn. And hopefully we do it all better each time around.

      1. I woke up earlier this week in an odd mood. Maybe I’d dreamed something that bothered me, or maybe it wasn’t a dream that was bothering me, but some other subconscious inclusion that had festered long enough in the gray matter and had forced itself to the surface. I had a sense of impending doom, existential angst, fear of failure, fear of success. Pleased to meet you!

      2. Pleased to meet you too. Fear of failure is no stranger to me but I’m getting stronger regarding that unnecessary (debilitating) expenditure of energy. Fear of success has it’s own anxiety bordering between intense tickle and nausea. Success diversifies so radically from person to person. I just want to be a better person each day from the next. I don’t always succeed but I try to be aware.

      3. Wonderful…!!! The joys and sorrows, the pain and happiness that govern a human life are fundamentally the same no matter, which country, religion or culture they belong to. Parents feel same joys and sorrows for their children, lovers the same love – what might differ is the external expression of those things. The expression being deemed as acceptable or not acceptable depending on the cultural conditioning. Ultimately everything that we tend to identify ourselves by is nothing but conditioning.

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