To look or not to look? Mirrors

Last night we watched Nick Offerman’s stand up titled, “10 Tips To A Delicious Life.” Tonight I’d like to talk about his Tip #6 – Avoid the mirror.

He explains that the mirror should be used as a maintenance tool only, as in reserved purely for utilitarian purposes. Staring at the mirror, instead of seeing ourselves with an accepting gaze, tends to facilitate unhealthy comparisons between our face and some airbrushed erotic comic we call a celebrity (and in some cases role model).

He asks, “Are you human? Then you are beautiful!”

This simple proud statement we should not find revolutionary or strange reminds me of two memories:
One- my friend Ms. J. used to lecture her disdain for the confusing and contrary messages on the covers of all women’s magazines. She would successfully and diligently point out at least three main messages: How to lose weight fast, the most delicious desserts, and great sex tips. All of these features plastered in bright colors around a half naked celebrity all shined up and airbrushed to look beyond human.
Two- my mother hung a bunch of decopage plaques on the bathroom wall she found at St. Vincent’s and one of the most prominent ones said, “Everything is beautiful, not everyone see it. – Confucious.”

Which brings me to the Chinese art of feng shui and it’s philosophy of the mirror in a peaceful life. According to feng shui principles, mirrors used properly are the aspirin of feng shui, as in the medicine or cure for your living space. My interpretation of the place mirrors have in feng shui has nothing to do with a person standing in front of it for hours scrutinizing themselves with sickening judgement (I traveled Spain with such a friend and it damn near killed our friendship. It certainly killed my respect for this person). Rather, in order for a mirror to cure your space it must be used to double your dreams, help manifest your wishes two-fold, while expanding the illusion of space in your dwelling. I always said a clean open space gives your mind more thinking room. Supposedly the feng shui experts agree.

So who abuses mirrors? Wicked witches in Grimm’s fairy tales and the insecure people who obsess over material shallow insignificances. Vanity is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins.

So I agree with Nick Offerman. I agree with Confucious. I agree with feng shui. Avoid the mirror. Reclaim your beauty and live your life using your precious energy and thoughts for more productive, worthwhile, delicious life. We can do this. Live a long scrumptious life!

Well, that’s my opinion and advice for the day anyway.



10 thoughts on “To look or not to look? Mirrors

  1. I think I’ll remove the mirror in the front hall. There’s probably a better way to create more light and I already know I look funny in the winter when I leave/come home so it serves no purpose. It sure as heck isn’t doubling my dreams! This post is delightful, Laura for so many reasons but especially reminding us to look inside and not outside for love and approval.

    1. Exactly! I could have written on and on but thought it better to keep it light and short. We already know we hurt ourselves with self-deducing language and unfair criticism. I dont need to rub a readers nose in it.

  2. What a great message. I am behind in following, and so so glad you brought these to my attention! By the way – what do you sell? πŸ™‚ And have you or will you feature some of your hubby’s art?

    1. You are so sweet Jodi!
      I am starting the new year as a Farmers insurance agent. I am so excited and ready to help
      People. I have so many life stories… So much heart behind the readon why I love protecting and helping people achieve their dreams…
      And yes I will be featuring more of my honeypie’s art in coming posts and ideally in my agency office when I open one in 2016 (for now I work from home). Its going to be a great year.

      1. I work from home most days too. Look forward to sharing the adventures of 2015. Best wishes and success in your new position.

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