Delicious Life Reasons To Look In The Mirror

Last night I wrote briefly about avoiding the mirror for any unhealthy judgmental reasons. Tonight I invite you to help me discover (and live out) wonderful excuses for needing the mirror check.

I share my Top Ten Delicious Reasons To Check The Mirror

1) Love your spouse so much in the morning you have to make sure your hair is presentable before heading out the door. Make more time for love than primping.
2) Climb trees and enjoy your perch. If you enjoy the tree-climbing tree appropriately you definitely will have to check for leaves and caterpillars and stuff. This, believe me, is a wonderful thing. Perform tree climbing often.
3) Challenge yourself to beat a skier down the hill. If you win on your snowboard and find yourself snow plowing so hard to avoid running over skiers in line for the lift, you just might face plant. If you face plant you will have to check the mirror to analyze what color coverup makeup you’ll have to buy to hide the black eye from the office. Yes, I speak from experience. Hence the cover photo.
4) Paddle and fly-fish for hours. Do this with awesome friends and always wear proper sunscreen and UV protective gear. Despite your valiant attempts to protect your precious skin, you have such an amazing time your nose, ears, and chin sting a bit. You earned it. Cut off your aloe leaves and use the mirror to be sure you aloe-slime all the sun-scorched spots. One more thing, be sure to drink a good pint of water before each pint of beer. You got sun spanked.
5) Camp on an island for about a week without a mirror. Whether it’s Lamu Island, Kenya or Rock Island, Wisconsin, no mirror is necessary while camping. If this is surprising to you, I prescribe you to camp without a car or mirror or cell phone for at least a week. Consider it necessary medicine for a great life. The only reason to use a mirror when you get back is to check for any reason why anything itches (i.e. Pink eye, poison ivy, infected scrape or scratch, or rash) because if you’re a rookie camper you just might get yourself into a rookie mistake. No worries, they’re all curable. And worth it!
6) Swim outdoors. Find yourself some beautiful clean natural water that is not in danger of E. coli or blue algae infestation and swim as long as you can. Swim with the fish and turtles. Seriously. It’s therapeutic exercise that melts the stress away. If you found this nature haven untainted by human greed and ignorance, natural vegetation most likely wove itself in your hair. Check briefly in the mirror if you’ll need a wide toothed comb for the hair conditioning treatment part of your shower.
7) Garden your heart out before going out to dinner. Earn your dinner. Dig that dirt, rake and weed vigorously. Inevitably you will wipe your brow with a dirty glove. You just might push your gardening stint right up until your partner is tapping on the watch to go. Good for you! Check the mirror for dirt and weeds, wipe your pits, gloss your lips and go savor the dinner and service you now deserve.
8) Include your dog in your push ups and sit ups routine. Yoga works too. Incorporate big dog toys and your energetic puppy will help add resistance while erasing monotony. Chances are you’ll get a better and more fun workout but with a face full of dog hair. Sometimes you get a paw in the face too. It doesn’t hurt to check the mirror before any face-to-face conversation.
9) Love your partner a lot more before you go to the movies. It’s a great workout before you sit still for two hours. Just check the mirror before going to the theater. Make love, not excuses.
10) After eating popcorn you might have to check the mirror to find that annoying popcorn skin stuck in your gums. Your nerves have been tricking you the whole ride home.

But seriously. Get yourself outside and dirty by nature. Don’t waste too much of your life in the mirror. But if you have to look, earn the reason.

That’s at least my opinion and advice for now.
Love life!


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