Don’t Eat The Garlic Chili Fries!

This Monday morning I pried myself out of bed after a terrible night’s sleep. Does this happen to you? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with pop up alerts in your head? Unanswered questions? Nervous thoughts? or worse… a sick tummy from eating bad food during the football game?

I usually eat pretty well but lately I’ve succumbed to hamburgers, fries, and well, more of those. Yesterday while in Packer spirit I felt compelled to order garlic chili fries instead of the side salad with my Green and Gold Burger (a thick locally-raised beef burger with jalapenos and Dexter’s homemade beer cheese sauce). My husband and I had a plan. “Eat heavy during the game, salad for dinner.”

Advice: DON’T DO WHAT I DID! Not only did my dinner turn into a short fast while groaning and curling up on the coach in the fetal position, polluting the air under my snuggle blanket, but even after a late night slow snack of sparkling water and saltine crackers, I felt miserable. These are not good sleeping conditions.

How do we live out our day for the best sleep at night? Usually all of my favorite things:

– outdoor activities for hours

– reading instead of watching TV or playing on the internet

– meditation (I actually suck at this but am willing to try for the sake of peaceful sleep)

– proper healthy diet (be kind to your body so it can properly rest)

I am looking forward to a week of better healthy decisions and amazing sleep.

What are your tricks and tips for healthy restful sleep?

Here’s a fun appropriate quote.

I hope you have a lovely Monday and a successful sleep this evening.




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