You are going to go far

Today I met with a sweet older lady who greeted me as if we already knew each other from another life. When I say that, I don’t mean to say that she embraced me with hugs and sloppy Auntie kisses. Rather, she immediately smiled with her warm eyes in a way that only people who trust you smile.

She escorted me to the elevator while announcing we’re going to the basement level of her senior living complex so we could have some privacy, offering a slight gesture to the already curious cocked heads nearby.

We passed a row of what I assumed were various donated exercise bikes, a couple vending machines, and one curious guy in a walker who shuffled his way quietly to the slow-to-close elevator. A large bare conference table waited for us by large windows facing the back yard. Mary told me she loved animals and always looked out for them. In fact the reason we were not meeting in her apartment was because, “It looks like an insane person lives there, there are so many papers,” from animal organizations. All kinds, she sighed. “All kinds.”

“But,” she is careful to share with me, “I covet my credit score.”

I love her already.

Sure we talked insurance coverage and premiums, and she shook her pudding cheeks when she explained that the only reason she had [insert online insurance company here] was because she, “…got so disgusted with my [name another insurance company here] insurance agent.” I asked her what disgusted her about that insurance gent. She thought hard. She looked down at her hands.  She looked out to the window and briefly distracted herself with the excitement that a squirrel was outside. She looked up to the ceiling behind me. “Oh, I can’t remember anymore, it was quite a while ago. But I remember being terribly upset. I think I left a pretty bad taste in his mouth too. Yes, I am sure I did. Oh well. So here you are.” There I was, another insurance agent. But she didn’t treat me like someone she judged poorly.

I did what I always do. I asked questions. I listened. I suggested things. She told me how she wanted everything. I understood, agreed, and made sure we were both on the same page. We came to a conclusion and she looked me square in the eyes like my grandmother used to, and smiled with the warmth of an oven baking salty molasses cookies. She said, “You are going to go far, Laura. You really are and I am so happy for you.”

What can one say but Thank You. She and I bonded after that moment, as if she had officially adopted me. We were insta-kin. How does that happen so easily? So quickly?

How does one determine that you are going to “go far” and how do we let ourselves agree with that deep inside?

For now I will not over analyze this and just let myself say I love my life.


9 thoughts on “You are going to go far

  1. Very nice blog. The birds and the water come together to form a small meditation of their own which makes me even more certain that the chain of cause and effect has placed me on this perch and it is my task to make the best of it. Worthy or not the subject is our own lives.

  2. What a nice reminder that we need to listen to those in our life with whom our time together may be brief. First impressions do matter. Good for you.

    1. I honestly thought it was the other way around, that the youth runs so fast and “knows so much” that they don’t stop and reflect upon the real meaning of your actions, relationships, existence, and so forth. That with age one can truly appreciate the meaning of life and embrace it with grace and confidence.

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