Sheep, Steep, and Sleep

Sleep fails me this evening. My eyes and thoughts wander around and up and down like I’ve trapped myself into a virtual amusement ride. All of my senses stray from rest. My nose smells skunk, my ears hear street lights, my fingers feel the itchy air prick at what should be smooth slumbering heaven, and […]

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Earning dinner

My strawberry patch hit me with more mosquitos than weeds. Yes I saw more weeds than strawberry plants. Regardless I slaved on, hamstrings now vibrating from a full day’s worth of weeding and mulching. If a plant looks ugly, tastes nothing like food, or smells short of amazing, I usually yank. If I find plants […]

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Tasty Team Work

Yes, what you see in the featured image of this blog post is the fresh hand made tortellini that Dave and I created one of the first weekends home alone in our own kitchen. What you see is a dream come true for us. One of the reasons we fell in love with this 106-year-old […]

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Dream Day, February 23, 2014

Wanderlust teases my brain today after sitting and snuggling with dogs for months. This bitter blustery winter brought on laziness and head colds, along with comfort foods without the necessary calorie- burning exercise to earn such heavy meals. My living room looks and smells stale. Instead of shoving yet another chocolate chip cookie or cheese […]

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