To look or not to look? Mirrors

Last night we watched Nick Offerman’s stand up titled, “10 Tips To A Delicious Life.” Tonight I’d like to talk about his Tip #6 – Avoid the mirror. He explains that the mirror should be used as a maintenance tool only, as in reserved purely for utilitarian purposes. Staring at the mirror, instead of seeing […]

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…all in a row…

I walked off for a while. You know, like when a wild animal gets hurt and just walks off to heal and recharge? I did that. Kind of. As I ventured from one open door to another, testing the potential for good energy, I managed to hold myself upright and steady. I gathered up more […]

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How do you react to bad news?

I heard an unusual dose of bad news last week. You’ve seen some of it too, from Facebook friends upset about the election results to more sensational news stories that only reflect the personal disasters coming to a head at work or home. The real gut ache for me is when I feel actions are […]

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USA Workers Rank Low for Passion at Work, but Show Very Passionate Responses to NPR News

This morning I heard a very interesting news story on NPR on my drive to work. The story talked about the dreaded Annual Review and the different points of view about this much-practiced tradition in the work place. When I looked up the story online, 89 comments showed up below it, some in defense of […]

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“Dear mini-trolls, please stop snotting in my social media networks” – Sofie Sandell¬†Click her name to read full article Why not throw out a one-liner this Wednesday too? Photo Credit:¬†

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